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Easy Physiotherapy Exercises for Cervical Spondylosis

by | May 23, 2021 | Physiotherapy

Cervical spondylosis, commonly referred to as neck arthritis, is a condition that both old-aged people and the younger generation suffer from. This condition causes the spinal disc of one’s neck to become affected, and the pain can increase from heavy workloads and stress. As we age, our bones and cartilage start to wear and will gradually tear, which will cause pain. You will need a proper diagnosis before you turn to any treatments so that you’re aware of the cause, which can include a herniated disc, a dehydrated disc, injury, bone spurs or stiff ligaments. Overuse can also cause this condition, and this is common for those who work in construction.

Symptoms include muscle spasms, severe pain and lack of coordination while walking. Medication and surgery are options you can consider, but physiotherapy is known to be very effective for this condition specifically. Cervical spondylosis can be quite painful, but physiotherapy exercises will provide you with relief. It is an effective solution for anyone suffering from arthritis, and a physiotherapist will recommend different exercises based on the severity of your condition and pain. While the healing process will take time, you will not experience any side effects, and your pain will be completely eliminated, so physiotherapy is a treatment worth considering.

Physiotherapy exercises help stimulate the neck disc and muscle, so your pain will be eliminated, and this is why physiotherapy is the best type of treatment for cervical spondylosis. These exercises will help reduce your pain, so try doing the following:

Neck stretches

This exercise is very effective for neck pain, so make sure you complete this stretch and repeat the exercise as many times as your physiotherapist recommends.

Neck tilts

This type of rotation will stimulate the mobility of your neck muscles, which will help lengthen the muscle, and you will find relief from neck stiffness and arthritis as a result.

Neck turns

This is a very effective cervical physiotherapy exercise for those who are suffering from a pinched neck. Severe cases of cervical spondylosis will lead to a pinched neck, and this exercise will help tremendously with this problem specifically.

Head lifts

This is a great exercise for neck muscle stimulation and is proven to be very effective.

Neck retractions

This exercise can be done when sitting or standing and will help stretch the muscles of the neck. This exercise is often prescribed to patients after surgery because it is effective for repair.

It is important that you follow the recommendations of your physiotherapist so that you recover and eliminate your pain. Doing the exercises incorrectly can lead to more pain and discomfort, so it is a must that you follow all of the instructions given to you. Physiotherapists are experienced and knowledgeable, so they will recommend the right exercises and doing them carefully will ensure you are pain-free. The experts at Dr. Charles Goldman will provide you with more information, so if you have any questions about cervical spondylosis or are looking for physiotherapy near me, contact us today!